The school offers boarding facilities from class IV onwards. The students enjoy a sheltered life which nurtures the qualities of co operation, sharing and self reliance. The students get all facilities and enjoy a comfortable stay. The hostel life also aims at improving the interactions of students and teachers outside the classrooms hence enabling the students to attain a holistic development.

Time Table for Hosteller for Boys and Girls:

Sl. No                                      TIME                                  Schedule
15:00 amWake up
25:15amMorning Assembly/Exercise
35:30amMorning Study
47:30amGetting ready for class
58.00amBreak  fast
68.30amGo to your respected class
82:45pm to 3:15pmRest Time
93:15 pm to 4:00 pmPlay Time
104:00pm to 4:15pmSnacks
124:30pmStudy under Supervision
149:00pm to 10:00 pmSelf Study (VI, VII, VIII)
1510:00PMLight Off (Sleep Time)


  1. Admission to any student of Brahma Baba Techno School is open, irrespective of caste, creed, tribe, class, language, religion etc.
  2. English is the only language spoken in the HOSTEL.
  3. Use of drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, cigarette or any other addictives, keeping/reading of dirty pictures and magazines etc. is amount to the dismissal without warning.
  4. Possessions and use of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, FM radio, walkman, tape recorder, CDs, DVDs and weapons like knives/sharp implements etc. are strictly forbidden to keep in the Hostel as they create destruction in the studies and may lead to danger. Articles once trapped cannot be claimed.
  5. Violation of any Hostel rules, disobedience, misbehaviour to any of the Hostel Staff, quarrelling of fighting, teasing each other, calling by nick names, irregularity to the common activities, laziness, disinterest in studies, stealing, not being punctual leads to a warning for the first time and if not amended, will be a subject for dismissal.
  6. No money should be handled by the Boarders as it leads to theft and other kinds of evils. If necessary, money could be borrowed from the SUPERINTENDENT and return on the following 2nd Saturday of the month without fail.
  7. Any minor sickness will be treated initially under the care of the local doctor. In case of any serious sickness or contagious disease, the guardians will be convinced to do the needful or in emergency cases; the ward will be sent home.
  8. The necessary items like toiletries, stationeries, snacks etc. are available in the canteen inside the campus as they are strictly prohibited to go out.
  9. When a student goes out of the Hostel campus without a written permission of the concerned persons, the hostel authority takes no responsibility except informing the guardian concerned.
  10. Any ward that discontinues in between the session shall have to pay the fees in full for 11 months except in the case of dismissal.
  11. On every 2nd Saturday of the month, the guardians are directed to visit their wards, inquire their progress and clear the outstanding dues at the school office. (Time 8.30 am.-12.30 noon)
  12. Parents are strictly forbidden to come on any other day/ Sunday to meet their wards as it disturbs the overall discipline of the Hostel.
  13. The Hostel Authority reserves the right to add/amend the Rules from time to time as and when the need arises.
  14. On four occasions such as Bihu, Summer Break, Puja and Winter Breaks the ward can go home for leave.

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